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Affordable Web Hosting For Small Business

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Choosing the best Web Hosting Service

Technology has penetrated too much into our lives that Internet has become a basic necessity rather than a luxury. The Internet has become a part and parcel of our lives and Business Organizations believe the best way to improve their revenue is through the Internet. The Internet has become the world’s largest marketplace where almost every Business Organization sells their products and services. The first step to promote your organization on the Internet is done by creating a website for your organization. There are a lot of steps involved in creating a website. However, creating a website is not going to get you more customers. There are a few more steps involved before you start selling your products and services on the Internet which will be briefly explained in this article.

Hosting a Website

The best way to improve sales of your organization’s products and services is essentially through a website. Websites can generate huge sales only if you know how to design and host a website properly. Once you have decided to create a website for your organization, you need to design a website which would serve as your online sales portal. You need to be really careful about designing the website as even a very small mistake could create a bad impression about your organization on the Customer’s mind. Once you have designed your website you need to host it on the Internet, only after which users will be able to find the website on the Internet. Hosting a website on the Internet can be an expensive process for small-scale businesses. However, there are few organizations which offer affordable web hosting for small business. You need to be careful in picking the right web hosting service for your organization depending on few parameters. These parameters decide the quality and price of the web hosting service provided by the organization. The following are some of the parameters to be analyzed before selecting a particular web hosting service.


The servers of the web hosting company store the designed website and they deliver the multimedia content such as Images, Videos, Documents and the other files embedded with your website design. The most important parameter which can help you decide the organization offering most affordable web hosting for small business is the storage offered by the web hosting service. The amount of storage offered is directly proportional to the cost of the service. The data transfer limit is also an important parameter in deciding the cost of the web hosting service. Although these web hosting services can be slightly expensive you can optimize the cost by designing a website with less content that will require less storage space.

Server Type

The type of server decides the user-friendliness of your website. You must choose a server which will be able to run the scripts associated with your website within a short period of time. This time depends on the operating system of the server. If your website has a framework which is supported only on a particular operating system, you need to choose a web hosting service which uses the same operating system for its servers. Choosing a server which runs on a different operating system will result in problems as the scripts on your website will not be executable on a different operating system. Hence you need to choose a web hosting service which offers a suitable environment for your website scripts to be executed.


The Web Server’s security is another important feature which decides the cost of the web hosting service. Only very few organizations which provide affordable web hosting for small business use a secure server. If you are planning to sell the products of your organization on the Website besides promoting it, you will need to choose a web hosting service whose servers have a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. Such Servers encrypt the data transfer channel between the customer and the website which prevents hackers from gaining access to information related to payment and other credentials. This is usually identified by the secure lock symbol which appears on the payment gateway page of most of the websites. Safety is one of the features which should never be compromised while choosing a web hosting service.

Zero Downtime

This is another important parameter which decides the connectivity of your website. There might be cases when servers might be taken down for maintenance procedures. During such times, the websites hosted by the servers cannot be accessed by Internet users. This period is termed as Downtime. In short, Downtime is the time period during which your website is removed from the Internet. Essentially Downtime can cause loss of revenue to your website. The higher the downtime, the more is the damage done to your organization’s reputation. You need to choose a server which has almost zero downtime to make sure that your customers are able to access your website around the clock.

Uptime Tracking

Uptime is the time period for which the server has been hosting the website on the Internet since the latest Maintenance. The higher the uptime of your website, the better are the chances to sell your organization’s products and services on the Internet. Only a very few web hosting services offer useful features like Uptime Monitoring which help you track how long your server is being hosted without any server crash.